Shawn Beasley Savannah, Georgia
Lace Frontal Installer
Vinette Alexander
Coral Springs, Florida
Caroline Clarke
London England
Seamless, Fusion, Full Lace Installer
Caroline Clarke
Hands On  - Hair Fusion
Caroline Clarke
Hands On  - Seamless
Caroline Clarke
Hands On  - Lace Frontal
Full Lace Wig Installer
Antoinette Hill
Lace Frontal Installer, Full
Seamless, and Simplicity Installer
I trainied Antoinette
@ Her Location Brooklyn, NY
Glam-R-Us INC.
Danielle Groenewegen came to us from Holland
V. Huevenstraat 51
6824 mn arnhem
The Netherlands,[Holland]
Lace Wigs, Lace Frontals, Hair Fusion, & Simplicity Application
Tannia Rankin - Ocala Fl
Class Photos
We teach the students what the schools do not.
Continued Education!
Hair Extension Boot Camp 10-30-2011
Trixie Matthews -Beleza Coutour Studio
Durham, NC
1-On-1 Hair Extension Training Classes - From London, England
Hair Extension Boot Camp 2-17-2013
Global Hair Extension Boot Camp 3-29-2015 Dallas Texas
Global Hair Extension Boot Camp 2-23-2015 Atlanta GA
Danielle was From Holland
Went to Trixie in Durham, NC
Shawn was From Savannah, GA
Tannia was From Ocala, Fl
Danielle was From Brooklyn NY
Hair Extension Boot Camp 7-17-2011
Hair Extension Boot Camp 2-5-2012
Hair Extension Boot Camp 11-2-2014
Global Hair Extension Boot Camp
5-24-2015 Charlotte NC
Visit to Tekoa Academy Port Arthur, TX
We Motivate Students!
Global Hair Extension Boot Camp
6-14-2015 Jacksonville Fl
Global Hair Extension Class ~ 3 Day Weave College
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