Lace Front Wig Making Webinar
Online Webinar Class
Live Online Hands On Class
with Rhonda Robinson
Wig Making: Make Lace Front Wigs $200
+ $25 For Kit, Certificate, & Shipping (Mandatory)
Earn this money back & more from your 1st customer!
Get An Up Close An Personal Experience! With Our LIVE Online Hands On
Webinar. You Will See Me Actually Make A Wig In The Wig Class, as you Sew
Along. Experience Hands On Wig Making In The Comfort Of Your Own Home.
Eastern Standard Time (Class 4 Hours)
October 9th 2017 Monday 9:00am

*How to use a sewing machine.
*How to use a sewing machine to make a lace front wig with a Lace Frontal/Lace Closure.
*How to fit a customer for their future lace wig. My fast quick fit technique.
*How to add wig accessories with the sewing machine.

Certificate & Webinar Kit  Will Be Mailed + $25. Kit + Certificate  $15 + $10 Shipping = $25
We ship Kit & Certificate once you are paid in full.

What's Needed:
-CE8100 Sewing Machine
-Lace Frontal/Lace Closure + 2-3 Bundles of Wefted Hair.
-Pen & Paper
Description: Learn how to make Lace Front Wigs with your sewing machine in our Live Online Class. Use your
smartphone, tablet, or desktop computer. We will send you a ID link by Text & Email to log on before class, once you
have paid in full. Watch or Sew-Along. The Webinar is Hands On or a Look & Learn Experience. Purchase your
CE8100 Model Sewin Machine at Walmart or You will also need a Lace Frontal/Lace Closure
and 2-3 Bundles of Wefted Hair. This class could put you ahead of your competitors. The Webinar class is hosted
by Rhonda Robinson The Owner/Founder.

Note: I spotlight you on video for questions and to see how your wig making is coming along. So please, no pajamas
lol we are all on cam! You will meet others around the world that is also participating in this fun experience.
Class Is In Eastern Standard Time.
What Is A Webinar?
A Webinar is a workshop/seminar that is transmitted over the web
using video conferencing. A key feature of a Webinar is its
interactive elements: the ability to give, receive and discuss
information in real-time. LIVE with Rhonda Robinson.
Effective 10/29/2017 Look & Learn Webinars
Will Be Available The Dates Below.
Look & Learn Webinar $200
Webinar class will not be Hands On. You will be able to log on, watch, join in, ask questions,
take notes, as workshop is being hosted. Similar to watching a video, except it's live and you
can ask questions. Webinars are great for fast learners, that just need to be shown how to.
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*10 Technique  *Flawless Sewin  *Frontals & 360 Install *Lace Front Wig Making *Hairpiece Making *Cut & Style *Enclosed/360 Wig Making