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How To Install a Braidless Sewin by The
Originator Rhonda Robinson
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How To Install Invisatracks
How To Install Simplicity Tape Extensions
How To Install Traditional Leave Out Sew-in
How To Install a Traditional Netweave
How To Install Seamless Tape Extensions

How to Install Simplicity Tape Extensions from Rhonda Robinson on Vimeo.

How to Lace Frontal Install with Tape from Rhonda Robinson on Vimeo.

How To Install Lace Frontal with Tape

How to Install a Traditional Netweave from Rhonda Robinson on Vimeo.

Braidless Sew-in 12:10 mins
Video 1:
Invisatracks 6:36 mins
Video 2:
Lace Frontal 7:18 mins
Video 3:
Simplicity 7:43 mins
Video 5:
Seamless Tape 9:21 mins
Video 4:
Netweave 9:08 mins
Video 6:
Leave Out Sew-in 3:48 mins
Video 7:
Hello, Thanks for your interest in Rhonda Robinson's
online videos. Below are hair extension training videos I
have been installing since 2005. You are more than
welcome to view them at your leisure.

Currently these are the only online videos we are
offering. Classes that we teach at our current workshops
and online webinars classes are not available.

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