Be At The Top Of Your Game with Your Sew-ins
Hands On Class $250 - Tuesdays 8:00am-11:30am
LEARN THIS: How To Install A Sew-in!
*Select 1: How to install a Full
Flawless Sew-in or Man Weave Sew-in from beginning to end.
Cut & Style not included.
*Proper Stitching & Connecting of The Tracks.
*Learn Track Placement.
*List/Photos of Best Braid Patterns To Use for other type clients that may have Alopecia.
*How to Attach Lace Closures for Flawless Sewin or How to manual enclose for a Manweave Sew-in.
~ Receive Class Certificate For  Sew-ins~
Stylists, Please wear stylist casual black attire.
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Select 1: Flawless Sew-in or Manweave Sew-in
-For Flawless Sewin: Lace Closure & 2 Hair Bundles (Any Length & Any Texture For Flawless Sew-in).
-For Manweave Sewin: 2 bundles short 6"-8" tight curly hair or afro hair.
(Learn how to manual enclose sew-in for Manweave).
-Mannequin, Tripod Mannequin Stand, Comb, Shears/Scissors
(Everything else needed, GHEC will have in a GIFT BAG for you.)
Flawless Sew-in or Manweave Sew-in by Rhondala Lewis
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25 TOUR CITIES: TIME TUESDAY 8:00am - 11:30am
7/11/17 Richmond VA: Embassy Suites 2925 Emerywood Parkway
7/18/17 Los Angeles CA: Embassy Suites 9801 Airport Rd
8/15/17 Miami FL: Embassy Suites 3974 NW South River Drive
8/22/17 Baltimore MD: Embassy Suites 222 St Paul Place
8/29/17 Seattle WA: Embassy Suites 3225 158th Avenue SE Bellevue
9/12/17 Kansas City MO: Embassy Suites 10601 Metcalf Avenue at I-435, Overland
9/26/17 Atlanta GA: Embassy Suites Buckhead 3285 Peachtree Road NE
10/3/17 Pittsburgh PA: Embassy Suites 550 Cherrington Parkway, Coraopolis, PA
10/17/17 Denver CO: Embassy Suites10250 East Costilla Avenue Centennial, Colorado
11/21/17 Baton Rouge LA: Embassy Suites 4914 Constitution Avenue
12/5/17 Las Vegas NV: Embassy Suites 3600 Paradise Rd
12/19/17 Washington DC: Embassy Suites 1250 22nd Street NW
1/9/2018 Jacksonville Fl: Shear Essence Salon 9825 San Jose Blvd Suite 12
1/23/2018 Mobile AL: Homewwod Suites 530 Providence Park Drive East
2/6/2018 Houston TX: Hilton Houston 6633 Travis Street
2/20/2018 Detroit MI: Embassy Suites Southfield 28100 Franklin Rd
3/6/2018 San Diego Ca: Embassy Suites 4550 La Jolla Village Drive
3/13/2018 Minneapolis MN: Embassy Suites 12 Sixth Strret South
3/26/2018 Charlotte NC: Embassy Suites 4800 South Tyron Street
4/10/2018 New York NY: Hilton New York 1335 Avenue of Americas
4/24/2018 Memphis TN: Embassy Suites 1022 South Shady Grove Rd
5/8/2018 Dallas TX: Embassy Suites 13131 North Central
5/22/2018 Chicago IL: Hilton Suites 198 E. Delaware Place
6/5/2018 San Francisco CA: Embassy Suites 150 Anza Blvd Burlingame CA
If You Do Not Know How To Install A Sew-in. This Class Shows You How To Install!
Description: Learn how to install the perfect Flawless Sew-in or Man
Weave Sew-in. This is a hands on sew-in class. In this class you will learn
proper stitching & connecting and how and where to lay tracks for
sew-ins. This class will also cover what is the best base/foundation to use
for most clients.

Select 1: For Flawless Sew-in you will lINSTALL a Lace Closure Hands
On and learn how to sew tracks connecting from it. For Manweave you will
learn how to install sewin and manual enclose it. Cut & Style not included.

A list/photos of braid patterns will also be shared for other type of
alopecia clients you may have. Make your sew-ins last for a very long time
without harming the clients natural hair. This Class is for Any Hair Industry
recipients that HOLD a License allowed to Service. Such as
Cosmetology, Barber, Braid, Wrapping, For Newly Learning
Cosmetology Students, & International Hairdressers.
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