*Long Layer Cutting
*Razor/Shear Layered Bob Cut
*Short Taper Pixie Cut
*Rhondala's Clipper Over Comb Method
*How To Style Bob Layers w Ceramic Iron.
*How to make vintage waves.
*Learn C Curls & Sculptured Curling
*Micro Curling with with Marcel Irons.
~Receive Class Certificate~ Hair Cutting
Please wear stylist casual black attire.
Description: Up your game in Hair Cutting & Styling.
This hands on class will cover popular cuts & styling
techniques. Long Layered Cut, Layered Precision Bob
Cut, The Pixie Short Taper Cut, Free Hand Clipper Over
Comb Technique.
After cutting you will move right into hair styling. In the hair
styling class you will learn: How to style a pixie cut with C
curls. How to use marcel irons. How to curl micro curls.
How to style a feathered layered bob. How to create
Vintage Waves.
This is a complete continued education class. Go back to
work and apply your new & improved cutting & styling
skills. This is also a great class to learn how to Cut & Style
your WIGS, if you taking the Wig Class.
HAIR CUTTING & HAIR STYLING Class by Rhondala Lewis
*16" Mannequin Head
(Or purchase $25 Wig  from us for cutting or use Wig from Wig Class)
*Clippers, Shears, Comb, & Ceramic Iron
*Tripod Mannequin Stand
(Everything else needed, we will have in a KIT for you.)
Hands On Class $300 - TIME: Mondays 4:00pm-8:00pm
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Instagram: @WeaveGenius
IMPORTANT NOTICE: This is not a walk-in event. It is an
EXCLUSIVE Event. All seats must be reserved by paying a deposit.
TIME: MONDAY 4:00pm - 8:00pm
Location Address On Ticket/Receipt Once You Sign Up/Register
Global Hair Extension Class ~ 3 Day Weave College
SIGN UP TODAY       Call: 1-904-414-3998         Text: 1-904-327-1145         Email: Rhonda@WeaveGenius.com
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