Learn how to make a Custom Enclosed Wig or 360 Wig.

Receive Class Certificate.
Stylists, Please wear stylist casual black attire.
-Newly Working Sewing Machine from Walmart or www.Walmart.com
I recommend these machines below, price range $89-$145.
BRING BROTHER'S Computerized Sewing Machine
CE1008 $90, CE8100 $130, CS5055PRW $110, or SQ9285 $145.

If Making Custom Enclosed Wig
Bring 3 Bundles/Packs of Wefted Human/Synthetic Hair.

If Making 360 Wig
1-2 Bundles/Packs of Wefted Hair + 360 Closure.

-Styrofoam Wig Head
-Small Mannequin Stand, Comb, Scissors
(Everything else needed, we will have in a GIFT BAG for you.)
Wig Making
Specialty Class $300
Custom Enclosed Wig or 360 Wig
This class also great for additional training.
hosted by Rhonda Robinson Owner/Founder
Mondays 1:30pm-4:30pm
Video Library 9 Videos: Watch Now
Hands On Class $300
Make Money From Home ~ This Class Is Open To The Public
(No License Needed For This Fun Class)
360 Lace Wig $300
Select To Make Wig a Machine Custom Enclosed Wig with No Lace.
CLASS TIME: MONDAYS 1:30pm - 4:30pm
Weave College ~ A Global Hair Extension Class
IMPORTANT NOTICE: Deposit to hold your seat is due 3-4 weeks
before the event. Seat must be Paid In Full IN ADVANCE by Thursday
before class event. This is not a walk-in event. It is an EXCLUSIVE
Prepaid Event. There are No Refunds; however, monies can be
transferred to another location or webinar.

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1/29/2018 Cleveland OH -No Seats  Available
2/5/2018 Houston TX
2/12/2018 Jacksonville FL
2/19/2018 Detroit MI
2/26/2018 Phoenix AZ
3/5/2018 San Diego CA
3/12/2018 Minneapolis MN
3/19/2018 Jacksonville Fl
3/26/2018 Charlotte NC
4/9/2018 New York NY
4/16/2018 Birmingham AL
4/23/2018 Memphis TN
4/30/2018 Milwaukee WI
5/7/2018 Dallas TX
5/21/2018 Chicago IL
5/28/2018 Jacksonville Fl
11/2018 Los Angeles CA
6/25/2018 Lagos Nigeria AFRICA
7/9/2018 Miami FL
7/23/2018 Baltimore MD
7/30/2018 Denver CO
8/13/2018 Portland OR
8/20/2018 Richmond VA
8/26/2018 Pittsburg PA
9/10/2018 Atlanta GA
9/24/2018 Toronto ON CANADA
10/1/2018 St Louis MO
10/8/2018 Philadelphia PA
10/22/2018 Charleston SC
10/29/2018 San Francisco CA
11/5/2018 New Orleans
11/12/2018 Boston MS
12/3/2018 Las Vegas NV
12/17/2018 Washington DC