Be At The Top Of Your Game with Your Sew-ins
Hands On Class $300 - TIME: Sundays 1:00pm-4:30pm
LEARN THIS: How To Install A Sew-in!
*How to install a Full Lace Closure
Flawless Sew-in from beginning to end.
*The Difference between Lace Closures & Silk Closures.
*Proper Stitching & Connecting of The Tracks.
*Best braid pattern for lace closure sew-in.
*Learn Track Placement.
*Also learn fold over method.
~ Receive Class Certificate For  Sew-ins~
Stylists, Please wear stylist casual black attire.
Flawless Sew-in with Lace Closure
-Lace Closure & 2 Hair Bundles/Packages (Any Length & Any Texture For Flawless Sew-in).
-Mannequin, Tripod Mannequin Stand, Comb, Shears/Scissors
(Everything else needed, we will have in a GIFT BAG for you.)
Flawless Sew-in by Rhondala Lewis
If You Do Not Know How To Install A Sew-in. This Class Shows You How To Install!
Description: Learn how to install the perfect  Lace
Closure Flawless Sew-in. This is a hands on
sew-in class. In this class you will learn proper
stitching & connecting and how and where to lay
tracks for Lace Closure Sew-in. You will lNSTALL a
Lace Closure Hands On and learn how to sew
tracks connecting from it. Make your sew-ins last
for a very long time without harming the clients
natural hair. Class for Hair Industry recipients that
HOLD a License allowed to Service, Cosmetology
Students, & International Hairdressers.
Video Library 5 Videos: Watch Now
TIME: SUNDAY 1:00pm - 4:30pm
Location Address On Ticket/Receipt Once You Sign Up/Register
This Class May Vary For Some Cities
IMPORTANT NOTICE: This is not a walk-in event. It is an EXCLUSIVE
Event. All seats must be reserved IN ADVANCE by paying a deposit.
You can also send monies to this paypal link: Send note on all paypal
transactions to let us know what it is for.
11/19/2017 Baton Rouge LA
12/3/2017 Las Vegas NV
12/10/2017 Jacksonville Fl
12/17/2017 Washington DC
1/7/2018 Jacksonville Fl
1/14/2018 Indianapolis IN
1/21/2018 Mobile AL
1/28/2018 Cleveland OH
2/4/2018 Houston TX
2/11/2018 Jacksonville FL
2/18/2018 Detroit MI
2/25/2018 Phoenix AZ
3/4/2018 San Diego CA
3/11/2018 Minneapolis MN
3/18/2018 Jacksonville FL
3/25/2018 Charlotte NC
4/8/2018 New York NY
4/15/2018 Birmingham AL
4/22/2018 Memphis TN
4/29/2018 Milwaukee WI
5/6/2018 Dallas TX
5/20/2018 Chicago IL
5/27/2018 Jacksonville FL
6/3/2018 Los Angeles CA
6/10/2018 Boston MA
6/24/2018 Richmond VA
7/8/2018 Boca Raton FL
7/22/2018 Baltimore MD
7/29/2018 Denver CO
8/12/2018 Portland OR
8/25/2018 Pittsburg PA
9/2/2018 Salt Lake City UT
9/9/2018 Atlanta GA
9/23/2018 Toronto ON Canada
(Register ASAP)
9/30/2018 St Louis MS
10/7/2018 Philadelphia PA
10/21/2018 Lagos Nigeria
(Register ASAP)
10/28/2018 Charleston SC
11/4/2018 New Orleans LA
11/18/2018 San Francisco CA
12/2/2018 Las Vegas NV
12/16/2018 Washington DC
Global Hair Extension Class ~ 2 Day Weave College
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